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Kerakoll4talent, the start of a campaign that aims to create a hothouse for future managers

10 March 2014

KERAKOLL: The CEO Gian Luca Sghedoni puts his money where his mouth is, and launches a made-to-measure Adv campaign with a strong message “I’m hiring and investing in young people. I’m looking for graduates under 26, with no experience but lots of talent, to start a career as international managers”.

To strengthen its presence on foreign markets – currently Kerakoll has an export share of 40% out of a total turnover of 340 million Euro, and is present in the form of subsidiaries in 12 different Countries – the company has started an employment scheme for newly graduated young talents with high growth potential, using an innovative recruitment campaign.

The project, known as Kerakoll4talent, is strongly backed by Gian Luca Sghedoni, Ceo Kerakoll, to find, train and enhance the value of the best young talents, to start them on a career as international managers.

“For us, Kerakoll4talent is a hothouse for future managers – states Gian Luca Sghedoni, Ceo of Kerakoll Spa – and I am looking for the people nobody is interested in: young, newly graduated kids with no experience but bags of talent. For years now – continues Sghedoni – I have been looking for talent. Always. Because I believe that the greatness of a company is directly proportional to the values and professionalism of the people that form it. Kerakoll4talent is my vision of training the next generation of Kerakoll managers, who will have the task of feeding our corporate culture and passing it on. I have always considered time dedicated to finding and selecting talents time very well spent, because I am convinced that, when they are special, it is people who make the difference and make everything possible. Having faith and allowing the best that surrounds you to emerge, looking at things not just for what they are but for what they might become has helped me build a successful company. I believe in young people and in their ability to break out of the mould, to be driven by passion and to think differently, and I have made this difference into a philosophy of life and work.”

The aim of Kerakoll4talent is to hire and provide 5 years training for young talents to be started on a career as international managers

Kerakoll is looking for talented young people under 26, to be cultivated and made to grow, so as to create the next generation of managers. The requisites are: a decree in economics, management, marketing, management, engineering, no experience, perfect knowledge of English. Determination, passion and attitude will make the difference.

How will these future managers be prepared: first we hire them, then we train them, here at Kerakoll everything is different

With the Kerakoll4talent project the company is growing the next generation of managers in house, looking for motivated, responsible young people with a culture for work, who are not afraid of challenging themselves. The selection process is a hard one, but those who make it will be hired to grow professionally through a five-year training program. An intense, exciting period dense with managerial experience, during which the candidates will gain the skills necessary to become a manager at the head of the company.

  • 6 months of technical training on the products, market analysis and analysis of customer types
  • 12 months in the field in a technical-sales capacity
  • 6 months as a Junior Area Manager
  • 24 months as an Area Manager managing a turnover of 5-8 million Euro, with responsibilities in the sales and technical, credit, marketing and human resources areas.
  • 12 months in the International Business Department with an operative role in management, marketing and production on foreign markets.

At the end of the training program these young men and women will start out on their career as international managers either in a Kerakoll subsidiary abroad or to open new branches.

Led by Gian Luca Sghedoni with an innovative vision that combines business and social responsibility, Kerakoll is the only company in the world to provide a global GreenBuilding solution that aims at designing, building, and living in harmony with the environment and in healthy spaces. GreenBuilding is the new construction method promoted with success by Kerakoll world-wide, which is based on innovative biomedical, materials technology and environmental impact studies that are carried out within the futuristic Kerakoll GreenLab, the most advanced building sector Research Facility in the world. Kerakoll has always dedicated its best resources, amounting to 5.4% of its annual turnover, to green research.

In 2013 the Group had a turnover of 340 million Euros, it employs 1,350 people with an average age of 35, and operates globally through 12 operating companies and 10 manufacturing plants.

Kerakoll has been Technical Supplier for important architectural works, including: The Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the Innova Design Center in Houston, the World Trade Center in Manama, the Allianz Arena in Munich, the Maxxi Museum in Rome, New Delhi International Airport, the Olympic Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing the Colosseum in Rome, the Arena in Verona, Palazzo Pitti in Florence and the Reggia di Venaria Reale.