Kerakoll, open all August month to manage the orders


In the perspective that has always distinguished Kerakoll,  that is to listen and be close to the market, strongly aware of what this is and will be a particular year / period, Kerakoll has decided to provide to give the maximum support to all stakeholders, announcing the opening of the production plants for all the month of August to meet the many requests of our dealers, who in turn want to satisfy the orders of the companies.

Kerakoll will be closed only Friday 14.08.20 and Monday 17.08.20 where all the plants will be closed, shipping, warehouse and commercial offices.

After the closing period caused by the lockdown, there is a strong interest and a desire for renewal by the sector , that for most of us in this period has been in the living space, their home, to make it even more comfortable and functional.

The policies implemented by the institutions seem to create a positive driving force and the orders are multiplying and are the lifeblood for the whole sector, which tries to recover the lost ground in terms of turnover.

The positive results of these weeks, which we hope will also be confirmed in the future, are not a result of chance, but of a very specific business strategy that we are committed to, both during and immediately after the lockdown, with a series of online services , from training to technical and commercial assistance, to support retailers, companies and designers.