The next chapter for Setaflex

As a core part of the New Kerakoll Adhesives Offering

Leyland, 12th March 2024

Setaflex, one of the most popular tile adhesives on the market, is moving from the Tilemaster to the Kerakoll brand, as part of the company’s recently announced brand realignment. This move will strengthen Kerakoll’s innovative range of tiling adhesives, providing tilers with a wider selection of adhesives to choose from.
In spite of the new packaging, the three products in the range remain essentially unchanged in feel and look, but in line with Kerakoll’s commitment to sustainable building, they now boast a GEV Emicode EC1 Plus rating, reflecting lower emissions and improved indoor air quality. Each product will also prominently display the Kerakoll GreenBuilding Rating, underscoring the dedication to environmental stewardship.
The range is composed of a standard setting, semi-rapid setting and rapid-setting products. Setaflex Standard can be used both inside and out. It has an extended pot life of 3 to 4 hours, making life easier for the tiler, and is ready for foot traffic and grouting after 24 hours.
Setaflex Semi-Rapid is also suitable for internal and external use. With a pot life of 90 – 120 minutes and ability to accept foot traffic after 6 hours, it is an excellent choice for those that want a longer pot life, but still need to move on quickly with the job.
Like the rest of the range, Setaflex Rapid can be used both inside and out. It can be walked on and grouted after 3 hours, and has a pot life of 30 minutes, perfect for those jobs where speed is of the essence, and for use with sensitive natural stone.
More information is available on the product website. You can also contact your Local Sales Representative, or the customer service team to arrange a trial or answer any questions that you may have.