Kerakoll SpA becomes a Benefit Company

First among the top players in the building construction sector to adopt this new legal form, the company confirms its commitment to sustainability and to the well-being of people.


Sassuolo (MO), 18th October 2021 – By adopting the status of “Benefit Company” and adding this commitment to its articles of association, Kerakoll SpA, international leader in the sustainable building sector, confirms its vocation to combine business with the principles of social and environmental sustainability in every aspect of corporate life.

Quality, well-being and safeguarding the environment have always been the company’s guiding values, and from today it is now officially committed to pursuing goals that will have a positive impact on society and the planet, associating them with its economic targets.

“The world with its needs is changing rapidly and adapting to change or anticipating it, as is our style, does not only mean manufacturing the best products using the best technology, but also doing so in a sustainable manner. It means generating ‘sustainable quality’ with maximum attention to those who will come after us.” – states Fabio Sghedoni, Vice Chairman of the Kerakoll GroupWithin the building and construction sector, we are the first international concern to become a Benefit Company, proving once again that we are not only leaders in sustainable building but are also speaking out for a responsible business model, that faces up to the challenges of today and works to safeguard the future well-being of human beings, community and the environment”.

As a Benefit Company, Kerakoll will work to create increasingly better places for people to live, in a state of well-being and respect for the environment, co-operating with those who share the same passion for excellence and commitment to work in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner in four areas of interest: product sustainability, strategic processes and partnerships, people and civic engagement.

Kerakoll’s strategic plan in these four areas involves, respectively:

  • strengthening the commitment to spread a culture of sustainable and quality living and apply the best scientific and technological knowledge as a means of growing the company, continuing to develop building products of the highest quality in terms of technical and environmental performance.
  • developing the most innovative industrial standards in order to decrease the environmental footprint of manufacturing, logistic and supply chain processes, through activation of strategic partnerships and with the co-operation of scientific and cultural research bodies.
  • designing working models that always put the safety of workers first; pursuing the well-being of its employees and associates; helping to create a working environment founded on merit, on equal opportunities and on a sense of belonging;
  • supporting non-profit organisations, foundations, third sector bodies, sports associations, religious organisations and local communities in projects that aim to have a positive impact on peoples’ health, on their social life, on disadvantaged categories or those with problems of any type, with positive impacts on the environment in which we live and on the cultural heritage.

In Italy there are over 1,000 companies that, like Kerakoll, have chosen to take a significant step towards concrete actions for the well-being of their employees, the consumers, the local area, the suppliers and the partners who co-operate with the company in various ways along the value chain, adapting the governance, in spite of the pandemic. The year 2020 has, in fact, been one in which, despite the complex situation, Kerakoll has been able to continue generating value: for the company, for its employees and for all the stakeholders, achieving broadly positive results.