Kerakoll presents its new corporate identity

The brand is evolving: from being a building materials supplier to bringing people together.

Sassuolo (MO), 20 March 2024 – Kerakoll, a B Corp-certified multinational operating in the building industry, has presented a multi-year project to redefine the Group’s corporate purpose and brand identity. The project has developed in partnership with global brand consultancy firm Interbrand.

The new brand purpose

“To bring together passionate thinkers and makers to build better places to live” sums up Kerakoll’s commitment to involving all stakeholders along the entire value chain, with the aim of creating better places to live. To do this, the Group has taken on the role of an aggregator of passionate people: employees, architects, engineers, craftspeople and end-users who propose and implement innovative ideas and projects every day.

The new brand trajectory

Interbrand was able to redefine the strategic guidelines of the Kerakoll brand, through extensive internal and external insights research aimed at identifying the status quo, along with future aspirations. Working closely with all corporate functions, Interbrand came up with customized processes for Kerakoll, using an inside-out and outside-in approach.

Building Better Together” encapsulates the brand’s new trajectory centered around internal and external guidance for business decisions. “ As a B Corp, awarded in 2023, Kerakoll’s challenge for the future is to make a positive impact in the construction industry and society as a whole.” commented Fabio Sghedoni, Vice-President of Kerakoll Group.

“We have had the courage and ambition to evolve, in a highly fragmented and complex industry. From being a supplier of materials fulfilling our clients’ functional needs, to a platform bringing trust, efficiency, and excellence to the entire supply chain. We have combined business objectives with positive goals for all stakeholders.” “In an industry driven mainly by technical and operational aspects, our new narrative focus is on benefits for people and the environment” – underlined, Alessandro Dondi, Brand Marketing & Communication Director of Kerakoll Group – “Together with the Interbrand team, we revised the logotype and the visual and verbal identity, the architecture of the entire offering and the packaging system”. The new brand identity was driven, therefore, by experimental and experiential research, aimed at exploring how materials and colors affect the relationships between people and the places they live in.”

The K Program

Thus, again in collaboration with Interbrand, an internal brand engagement project known as the K Program was developed in 2022. The initiative truly delved into people’s various needs. Allowed them to become co-actors in the evolution. People have contributed to define the new corporate culture. They have strengthened the brand’s leadership.

“We are particularly proud of the partnership with Kerakoll,” finally, commented Manfredi Ricca, Global Chief Strategy Officer at Interbrand. “The evolution of the Kerakoll brand stems from the desire to forge a deeper connection with all its stakeholders, from employees to partners. Whilst the “why” – creating better places to live – takes Kerakoll’s into people’s lives, on the other side, the “how” – Building Better Together – represents an effective and pragmatic decision-making strategy.”


La nuova corporate identity: packaging, merchandising, comunicazione, logotipo

The new corporate identity