Quality certifications

Quality for Kerakoll is safety, sustainability and product performance.

Quality certifications

Quality has always been
synonymous with our commitment.

In addition to major investments in research and development that have made Kerakoll the world leader in its sector, and in order to achieve the highest possible quality standards in compliance with international rules and regulations, we have established both in Italy and abroad an integrated management system for ISO 9001 quality. It pushes the company to standardise processes and to create sustainability-driven synergy with our suppliers and to enhance our employees ever growing expertise.

The Kerakoll system combines the “Total Quality Management” and “Life Cycle Thinking” approaches, thus confirming Kerakoll’s commitment in certifying its products, from the sourcing of raw materials with low environmental impact, to their design, implementation and distribution, to their performance on site.


The adopted qualification plans

Kerakoll has adopted a set of rigorous qualification plans aimed at certifying product performance (CE marking, CE MED, CSTB) and quantifying its environmental sustainability (CFP, EPD, GreenBuilding Rating, ISO 14021), thus offering its customers the possibility to transfer the very same quality and sustainability of its products to their “building systems” (CAM, LEED and other protocols) in order to build true “green building systems”.

The commitment of the Group is proven by countless collaborations with the world’s leading companies in system and product certification and standardisation:


The world’s largest inspection, certification, control and analysis organisation – works with Kerakoll all over the world to enhance integrated management systems and ensure the products quality and qualification in terms of performance, sustainability and compliance with applicable technical standards.

Iso E Chair’s Advisory Group

In 2015 and 2017 Kerakoll GreenLab was chosen as the headquarters of ISO TC207/SC7 and Chair’s Advisory Group involved in the standardisation of the “Environmental Management” sector.

Our GreenBuilding partners

EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

Widespread all over the world, the International EPD System is the most established program for the management of Environmental Product Declarations according to the international standard ISO 14025. Kerakoll Group has obtained the EPD Process certification and independently manages Life Cycle Assessment data for the registration of new EPDs and the complete and reliable communication of the environmental performances of the product.

GBR – GreenBuilding Rating

The GreenBuilding Rating is a tool conceived by Kerakoll in 2010 and independently certified by SGS Italia. Using objectively-quantifiable indicators, it evaluates the most relevant characteristics of environmental sustainability. It represents today’s ‘Eco-Design’, the most important and complete tool in order to design and build healthy buildings that are kind on the environment.

CFP – Carbon FootPrint

The product climatic footprint is the quantification of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to the product’s entire life-cycle. Kerakoll has joined the national Environmental Footprint Assessment Programme in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and has voluntarily chosen to submit the results of the Life Cycle Assessment studies according to SGS Italia ISO/TS 14067 and ISO 14040-44 standards. The development of our products is aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change.

CAM – Criteri Ambientali Minimi

In order to comply with the Minimum Environmental Criteria for the design and construction of public works, and enhance the sustainability characteristics of its products, Kerakoll has obtained the ISO 14021 certification by SGS Italia for the recycled materials content, the reduced use of resources and the recyclability of the product at the end of its life-cycle. Kerakoll supports retailers and designers in the compliance of environmental obligations required by public procurement tenders.

FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council

The FSC Certification is an international recognition, independent and third party, for timber and non-timber products derived from forests. It supplies the tracking of its forest products, providing for the identification of the material and its separation from non-certified materials throughout the entire chain of custody. Choosing FSC certified products means protecting natural forests while respecting the social and environmental needs of future generations.

Marcatura CE

The European CE Conformity mark can be displayed on construction products only if the manufacturer provides the Factory Production Control System (FPC) or permanent internal production control to ensure that the product is manufactured in accordance with the harmonised technical specifications. The Kerakoll Quality System systematically documents and traces every step of the process, from sourcing of raw materials, to production and quality control of the finished product.

Our Quality Policy

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